Things to think about…

• We offer a complimentary one hour consultation to assess & customize a plan to tailor our services to meet your needs.

• Most of our services are billed at a flat rate of $40.00 per hour for the first hour & then at 15 minute increments, based on time required, not by task.

• Client is responsible for repayment of expenses for all service related costs & purchases, i.e. gifts, groceries, dry cleaning, parking, tolls, mileage, etc. Mileage costs will be incurred once outside Client's respective city, or over 20 miles.

• All services are performed using large volume commercial cargo vehicles.

• Payment for services & incurred expenses are due in the form of check, cash, Venmo or Zelle, based on a payment cycle to be established at the beginning of services.

• We respect your right to privacy and enter into a confidentiality agreement with all clients.

• We will deny any services that are illegal, unethical or pose a threat to our employees.