It all started with one mama, Kimberly Turner.

A Chicagoan for 16 years, Kimberly has worked for over a decade in the hospitality industry…training in the art of exceeding guest expectations.

Most recently, she has served as a Manager in restaurants, simplifying large opening projects into more manageable tasks; as a Group Sales Director, developing and creating events for club, corporate, or more familiar group settings; and, as a Wedding Coordinator, arranging and managing all logistics to create a stress-free memorable occasion. In each of these arenas, she organized, developed & implemented another’s visions into reality in an organized and efficient manner.

Originally from Boston, Kimberly was schooled in New York and New Jersey, was transplanted for work to Western Europe for three years, then moved on to New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami Beach. Eventually, she made Chicago her home. She has always adapted and explored the environments around her — always learning and evolving.

After having her first child, she wanted to create her own business that would allow for the pursuit of her own dreams, while continuing to do what she loved — organizing, problem solving, task managing, creating visions, and just running about town. In the end, Mama on the Run Productions was created.